There is no doubt that at some point that your home will become a mess without daily cleaning and organizing. Sometimes even if you do clean regularly, it just feels that sometimes things can be too cluttered and you wonder how your home became so disorganized. If there is a large area to organize, then this task can be overwhelming and something that you will procrastinate on making it worse with time. In this article we have compiled a few points that you can consider to keep your home organized and clean with simple steps that you can take daily.

Clearing and Sorting the Bigger Piles

The first step is to clean out the space and this means getting rid of any clutter that you do not need and have accumulated over time. Go to every room in your house and thoroughly clean out whatever items that you have not used or don’t need. These are usually empty boxes, bottles, newspapers and so on. The items that have been used gently and can be made use of in someone else’s home such old toys or baby clothes can be donated. It will also be much clearer for you to see the ones that can be donated after the bigger piles of clutter have been taken out. Furthermore, you can also hold a garage sale to sell off items that have a monetary value for example; a piece of furniture or baby’s crib. You can always use the proceeds of the sale for further improvement of your home.

Use of Drawers and Closets

Storing items effectively is ultimately the best way to organize your home. Make use of drawers, built-in closets and wardrobe units religiously. If you have large items such as furniture or electrical items that need to be stored, these can be put away in self storage units that can be rented. It is a good idea to have furniture that comes with their own “hidden” storage units so that you can store small items such as magazines and ornaments in the living room ottomans for example. Designating a “clutter box” for all the junk that does not fit in with the rest of the supplies will also help you clear it out after it gets accumulated every few months.

Changing Your Daily Habits

Ultimately, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with cleaning and organizing your home every month, then the best way to change it is by spending a few minutes to clear out and organize your home every day. A small step such as grabbing something to put away when you leave a room can have a massive impact on the overall work you have to do when your home gets so disorganized that you have to devote hours to clean it. The best part is, if you make doing little chores like that every day, it will by default help organize your home and it won’t even seem like work because of how small the task really is. Don’t forget to have your family involved and a part of these daily habits.