Designing a great ecommerce website is not too complicated thanks to content management systems like Joomla. But it’s still important to keep your eyes open for common mistakes. Here is a list of common mistakes ecommerce websites make and how to avoid making them with your business site:

Choosing an Inadequate Server Provider

What type of server is your ecommerce website being hosted on? If the answer is shared, then you are making a major mistake. Your site’s speed would depend on the type of hardware from the hosting side. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to choose a SSD dedicated server Australia for speedy services. You can also choose cloud and VPS too, depending on the needs.

Not Finding a Web Host for the CMS

Most ecommerce sites are designed using a particular content management system, like WordPress or Joomla. If you choose the latter for example, make sure you find a managed Joomla hosting provider. The specialised providers have optimised software to suit the CMS of your choice. While this may sound like a technical aspect of making your website, the end results affects customers as well. If you choose the wrong web host, the site performance would suffer, resulting in low traffic or high bounce rates.

Limited Customer Service

Shopping online is largely a self-service thing. But don’t assume that the customers will not have questions. Therefore, make sure your site offers plenty of options for customer service. Ideally there should be support via phone, email, online form, and live chat. If possible, add an FAQ section as well. If you offer features like live chat, it should be similarly available on other versions of your website, such as responsive sites created for handheld devices.

Not Enough Product Images

Online customers cannot inspect the item they buy by touching it. Therefore, they expect the merchants to offer a number of product images to help them understand the product better. Some e-stores have advanced to offer 360-degree views of products. The aim is to render the purchase process as realistic as possible so that customers are comfortable making an online purchase.

Lacking and Non-Optimised Product Descriptions

Are there highly informative product descriptions following the actual products? Are these descriptions free of grammatical or spelling mistakes? It’s very important to provide highly detailed product descriptions for customers. Savvy e-stores optimise these product descriptions with keywords for SEO purposes as well.

Inadequate Payment Options

Does your e-store offer customer multiple options for payment? Expand to as many payment options as possible to attract more customers. New customers would want to pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. Some international buyers may prefer USD prices. Likewise, offer as many ways to pay for items as possible to retain new customers.

Insufficient Site Search

Your ecommerce website must have a solid search bar ready for customers to make inquiries. You don’t have to build this on your own. You can obtain a Google custom search bar for your site. Without it, your site would not be adequately optimised to drive traffic.

Keep the above tips in mind and make sure you avoid making mistakes when building your online store.