Coming across a person who seems to tick off all your requirements enough to warrant a first date, is definitely cause for celebration. Naturally, you would not want to stuff this up, and as is expected of first dates, may feel like you might, given all the nerves and anticipation as well. But well, as with anything, overthinking and worrying will not get you anywhere. So just relax, browse through these tips, go out for a coffee, shop for a new outfit and just focus on having fun. First dates are all about experiencing new people, things and food, so do not make it only all about trying to marry this person. You might end up scaring them away!

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Of course you want to look your best, but that does not mean you need to stuff yourself into a corset. You want to be comfortable at your date, and of course do not forget that you have to leave enough room to eat. In other words, nibbling on a salad because your new pants are too tight is not exactly ideal. What can you possibly talk about over a salad? So wear comfortable clothes that look good (yes those do exist), and look forward to actually being present and involved in your date as opposed to counting down the hours to when you can get home and jump into your pajamas.

Easy On the Booze

You may come up with the best location by scouting out all the cafes in reservoir for instance, but no matter what you do, do not drink too much. You have enough time to make a fool of yourself if you end up with this person down the line, but let us not rush this yet.Of course a glass or two of something or the other is great for loosening up, but after the third or fourth try not to go any further. And preferably sip on your drinks instead of guzzling them down. This of course assuming that your date is pretty much a hit so far. If not, by all means drink up!

Keep Your Phone Away

Frankly speaking, even a friend who remains glued to their phone the entire time you are with them is incredibly rude. So you can only imagine what this comes off like on a date. Facebook updates can wait, and are actually really unnecessary, so do not log on for any reason. Unless of course you want to escape your date and would like an ‘emergency’ phone call, in which case then yes you are totally entitled. But otherwise, do extend some courtesy and be polite.

The Aftermath

You need to be careful about how you handle the day after the date, mainly because this depends on how you fared in the first place.If you really liked them, try not to come off stalkerish. A casual text is fine, but maybe nothing more. Once again depending on how they respond, we doubt they would want to be hooked on the phone all day just yet. If you think it did not sit well with you, then be honest and come clean. Always be responsible and respectful.