Life is all about making a change. Whether it is to yourself, the society or even to someone close to you. if you are able to make that change, then you know you are on the right track to being that inspiring person you want to be. It also shows that you know how to play the game called life, right. Being such a person starts from something close as home, and here is how you could be one yourself.

Be You

You are you and no one can be you. even if you don’t believe it, you might have made a change in someone’s life, even if it is really small and insignificant. But to make a bigger change and make people change, you need to first trust yourself. You don’t have to have an influential family nor do you have to be a someone famous, to be inspiring. You need to find that spark within you and spread it to the world. Being yourself in today’s judgmental society is tough but if you are you and able to convince society that what you believe in is right, then you have succeeded. Also remember, if your heart’s out, your mind would never truly be in!

Do What You Love

By doing what you love, you can easily inspire someone… Think about it, all the inspiring speakers, role models and certain celebrities and public figures like mariyamdawood, have all had a tough time keeping up to what is expected of them. But staying true to their roots and doing what they love has proven to be rather fruitful in every way. Michael Jordan was not a part of his high school basketball team, yet he was an amazing NBA player that inspired many young basketball players to keep dreaming and believing in themselves!

Be the Best

Simply being passionate about something doesn’t work. You’ve got to work hard to make it happen, even if it is to inspire people. There should be lesson others could learn from you. Only then would you be able to be that person you dream to be and for that hard work is required. Practice makes perfect they say, so practice hard in whatever that interests you and keep dreaming!

Work On Your Character

Your character or personality is the kind of person you are. And the reputation comes along with it, as a result. If you’ve got a good character, then you would have a good reputation in society. So build that good character rather than focusing on creating a false image, by working on your reputation!

Be genuine in whatever you do and keep going with it, at the end of the day you would certainly find that pot of gold you’ve been looking for, your whole life!