Gifting flowers to the ladies is a pretty common thing that many people do even today. After all, there is no one who ever complained that they didn’t like getting pretty bouquets of flowers. Nonetheless, guys there is actually meaning behind each and every flower and the way it is presented. So knowing of these beforehand would surely help you gift the right kinds at the right time. Here are some of them that you should be taking note of.

Long term relationship

Have you been dating your girlfriend since high school? Then that certainly does scream long term! If not still, if you have been going out with the same the girl for more than one year, then this too could be considered here. If you are in such situation then the ideal sort to gift her would be flower bouquet red roses. Red roses are known to represent passion and elegant. And so a bouquet made of these certainly does scream deep romantic love. However, if you are looking something more unique then you could choose a different shade of roses or go for red tulips or even peonies as they are all perfect to show what you cannot say in words!

I-really-like-her flower

Yup, there is such a kind. If there’s a girl you have been crushing on since kindergarten and only now you have got the courage to ask her out, you certainly don’t want to scare her away and ruin things by going for more intense flowers like red roses and such (I guess there’s no problem if they are favourites!). Here the best to gift would be a flower bouquet HK made of the purple shade. Purple roses or even lilacs represent love at first sight, so even if the girl you are gifting these to, has no idea about them, they’d still look pretty nonetheless and save you from any sort of embarrassment you may have to face by being unexpectedly friend zoned!

I’m-your-friend flower

Once you are in the friend zone, there is no getting out of it. So embrace it deeply (just kidding!). If you are meeting up with your FRIEND or going out to visit her at her workplace or something, and you are considering on buying her a bouquet, get one with yellow shades. Yellow represents friendship, warmth and fun and this is exactly the kind that is ideal to gift. You could design an arrangement with yellow roses to symbolize cheerfulness or simply gift a couple sunflowers to make her day!

If you are thinking of gifting your mom or an aunt whom you favour over the others, the perfect floral bouquet would be one made of pink carnations as they represent maternal love. Similarly, there are so many other flowers with different meaning as well, so do consider them and pick the right one with the right meaning for the right event!