Are you a coffee addict who needs your daily dose of caffeine every morning? You’re not alone. Coffee is such a great way to start the day off and give anyone an energy boost. But if you’ve been relying on a barista to do so all this time, maybe it’s time you stopped. Making your own coffee is so much more rewarding, not to mention less pricey! Here are a few easy steps to follow if you want to perfect the art of coffee-making at home.

Get Fresh Beans and Store Them Correctly

It’s well-known that coffee is at its freshest when used just days after being roasted. If you were to buy your coffee beans from a local roaster, say venezianocoffee roaster Melbourne, freshness would be guaranteed. Try to avoid buying coffee beans in bulk from supermarkets. These may not have been stored properly and besides, oxygen and bright lighting are terrible for retaining the freshness of coffee. If the supermarket in question isn’t careful about proper storage, the bins containing the beans may even have spoiled coffee beans. On the other hand, those sold by roasters come in airtight bags which retain the freshness of the beans. Once you bring your coffee beans home, store them in airtight jars or containers. Never refrigerate coffee or coffee beans.

Grind Your Own Beans

The best time to use coffee is just after it’s been ground. This will yield the most delicious coffee as opposed to coffee that’s days and even months old. If you want to taste the best coffee, think about doing the grinding yourself. Although true coffee enthusiasts use burr mills to grind up their coffee beans, you could do an equally good job with a more affordable electric grinder. Aim for fine particles when grinding. The finer the ground coffee is, the more packed with flavour it will be.

Use Fresh Mineral Water

Remember to use the best water you can get if you want to impress with the perfect cup of coffee. If you happen to use distilled water or tap water, which contain large amounts of chlorine, the whole flavour of your coffee would be affected. You can’t afford to make even the smallest mistakes. Most coffee lovers tend to opt for bottled mineral water because this adds to the overall flavour of coffee. The minerals in bottled water are necessary to give coffee that rounded body it needs.

Make Sure To Regulate Heat

Another important point to remember is how much heat you use. Once you leave the water to boil on the stove, wait till it reaches boiling point and then time it for about 45 seconds before turning off the heat. If you leave it to boil for any longer than this, your coffee will probably taste bitter and lose its natural flavour. Don’t leave the coffee sitting out for too long after being brewed either. Its best enjoyed hot. And remember, reheating won’t do it any favours either, since it’ll once again lose its natural flavour and taste unpleasant.

These are just a few tips to help you improve your coffee-making skills.