There are many spices that are unique to different countries, cultures and culinary traditions in the world. These spices enhance the flavour of food and also contain certain medicinal qualities that can greatly benefit the human body. However, not all spices are readily available in all countries especially because many of them are actually unique to one country. That is what gives that country’s cuisine its identity. But, there are also spices that can easily be bought and mixed into your food enhancing its nutritional value and taste. Most of the time, we may overlook adding these spices into our meals. Here are some easily available spices that will enhance the flavour and nutrition of your favourite dishes.


Cinnamon has a lovely sweet and savoury taste to it and also is an aromatic spice that is available in the forms of oil, sticks or powder. Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon are the two main varieties that are consumed mostly. Cassia is the more common version out of the two and can be bought at any grocery. Ceylon Cinnamon is rarer and also more expensive and if it belongs to this variety, it will indicate so clearly on the label. There are many benefits of Ceylon cinnamon so if you can afford it, do so and remember that you just need a very small amount of it in your dishes. Cinnamon is a spice that has an abundance of antioxidants that is excellent for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Chronic inflammation that occurs in tissue and joints can be readily improved with cinnamon according to studies. It also has insulin maintaining, antibacterial, and cancer-fighting properties.  

Yellow powder

Yellow powder comes from the plant curcumadomestica that belongs to the same family as ginger. You could even say that it is the peppery flavoured counterpart of ginger. It is used as one of the main components of a curry and is used widely around the world. Many South East Asian dishes use this spice and if you cannot obtain it easily, it would be worthwhile buying bulk turmeric powder. The active ingredient curcumin is what gives the spice its colour. Curcumin is able to increase your capacity for antioxidants in the body which means that you will have a better defence against cell-damaging radicals and oxidizing agents. Curcumin has also been observed to show anti-inflammatory properties that traditional medication will give a patient but devoid of all the side-effects. Again use this spice sparingly as if you add in too much the taste will be a bit too powerful.

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Ginger is without any doubt one of the most beneficial spices for your health. The spice is used widely in Indian and Asian culinary traditions and has a lovely spicy boost to it that adds so much flavour to meals. It also has a lot of medicinal properties like reducing muscle soreness, managing cholesterol levels and helping in good digestion. If you have any kind of digestive problem, ginger can really help you keep the discomfort and unhealthy feelings at bay.