The best way to plan your dream day is to prepare a checklist and stick to it so that nothing will slip your mind. Here is a list of things to include in your checklist and make your planning less stressful.

Set the Budget

Do not go for budgets that will make you spend beyond your limits. While you might have many ideas that you like to see coming true on your day, try to minimize the expenses by spending money on most essential wedding supplies first. Make a list of items that you will need to buy including the attires, decoration, meals, venue, invitations etc. This way you know what items should be given priority when buying but will also not forget the little things. Plan ahead what to be done and what to buy so you will not have emergency expenses ruining your budget plan.

Get Help

Yes, it is your big day, but getting the help of people close to you can lessen the planning responsibilities that have to be carried out by just one person. Call for the people you trust the most such as your best friends and closest relatives. More hands can get the work done faster. You can also get their ideas on dress fittings; themes, colour selection, meal selections or cake designs whenever you feel like your opinion will not be enough.

Guest List

Deciding the guest list can be the hardest part of the planning. Cost for reception and meals will probably be the biggest expense of the whole event, so if you want to cut a few of your expenses the guests have to be chosen carefully. Discuss with your fiancé and try to shorten your guest list with only the people you want with you on your special day. Don’t go on inviting large crowds just because you feel like you have to.


It is going to be the biggest event of your life. Don’t forget to hire a photographer and miss the chance to keep the memories of the day with you forever. Your photos and videos are what you will be looking at later or will be showing to your friends or your kids in future so make sure you chose a good photographer. Do a good research about good photographers and their prices before hiring.


After settling your guest list, selecting a venue will not be difficult. However, if you are planning on a destination wedding and want to have the celebration at a place you have never visited before, it is better to do your research and check the place prior to the date of celebration. Choosing an outdoor venue will lessen the expenses on decoration and be perfect for photographs but in an indoor venue, you never have to worry about the weather and season.


Chose the dress according to the venue. Too much of fancy dresses and heavy makeup won’t agree with a tropical climate. In an indoor wedding, of course, you don’t have to worry much about the attire and can choose whatever you like to wear. A mistake by many brides-to-be is to follow extreme diets to look better on their big day. If you feel like you need to lose a bit of weight, follow a healthy diet and do a few exercises but never overdo the attempts to look good.

The panning might feel like a handful. Whenever you feel like everything is too tiring, hold your planning and take a small break. Stick to these tips if you feel a little lost with all the responsibilities and they will surely help you.